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Tips and Tricks to Successfully Sell Your Jewelry Online

Tips and Tricks to Successfully Sell Your Jewelry Online

A lot of times jewelry makers are not sure of how to expand their business and sell their jewelry online. While tradeshows and craft festivals are great places to sell your jewelry, they are sporadic and thus cannot be a continuous source of income for you all year round. Thus you need to venture into the world of online retailing to make sure you are able to earn all year round and increase your popularity.

Here are some tips which you can utilize to sell your jewelry online:

  1. Develop Your Online Presence

The first thing you need to do is develop your online presence. Make social media accounts for your business on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has been seen that businesses which have an active social media presence tend to do better since they have a platform to interact with their clients and advertise their products. You can even sell through Instagram and Facebook by creating look books for your jewelry which customers can browse and subsequently order the ones they like from your page.

  1. Make A User Friendly Website

Buying a domain does not cost much and having a simple yet user friendly website developed does not cost a lot either. In the long run, the investment is worth it. Add high resolution images of your products to the website, which are modeled by models. Let customers have an option of buying the products so they can checkout and purchase the jewelry.

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  1. Establish a Store on a Big Online Retailing Website

There are big online retailers which let small home based businesses set up their stores online where they can sell their products. A popular option is Etsy where home based business owners can set up their store and sell their crafts. Etsy already has a few jewelry retailers and thus there is a plethora of customers on that site that only comes there for jewelry shopping hence your store will be a consideration for them when they are choosing a piece of jewelry.

  1. Be Proactive

Make sure you regularly update your store whether it’s on social media or independent website. When customers see that a store is active and updated; replies to their queries and has regular posts. They will be more encouraged to buy something from the store. Thus, being active is key to becoming successful online!

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